Shoe Schuster, upon receiving his Bachelors Degree from Boston University, moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his lifelong dream of working in the entertainment industry.

He immediately started at the top by landing the high profile job of Production Assistant. By fetching coffee for some of the biggest D-list actors, Shoe found his niche.

If the production company was out of cream, Shoe found powdered milk. No powdered milk, Shoe grounded up white chalk. No task too hard. As one guy semi-enthusiastically put it, "You should have seen Shoe staple paper. He’d be able to get like twenty pages stapled with one staple. That ain’t easy. You try it some time."

As you can imagine this would have been most people’s creative peak, but to paraphrase Ashford and Simpson, "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough For Shoe."

Following his dead idol, Rodney Dangerfield, Shoe went 'back to school' -- for a Masters in Fine Arts in beautiful, downtown Orange at Chapman University. After fulfilling all film school prerequisites -- completing six short films where all characters die -- Shoe graduated with his MFA.

Recently, Shoe completed a pilot for NBC, The Sperm Donor.

More recently, Shoe optioned a comedy feature with Mike Epps (The Honeymooners, All About the Benjamins) attached.

Most recently, Shoe wrote this bio.